What is SpeakerBlast?
SpeakerBlast is a fun & superior wireless audio technology!

It can be used to...
- Turn a crowd & their devices into a stereo system
- Fill a home with audio using multiple Internet devices
- Sync audio to video as seen in this demonstration video.
- Create immersive experiences with guests' devices.
- Lots more!

What devices & browsers are supported?

- iPhones & iPads (2014 on) in Safari or Chrome.
- Laptops in Google Chrome or Firefox.
- Desktops in Google Chrome or Firefox.
- Android (4.1 & higher) in Chrome.

Does SpeakerBlast work on any Internet connection?
SpeakerBlast works on fast non-crowded Internet connections with a speed of 5Mbps or higher. If your Wifi or 4G (LTE) Internet connection IS NOT slow or bogged down then SpeakerBlast will work reliably. 3G Internet service here in the US overall isn't fast enough to provide a reliable and solid user experience(works on 3G, but not reliably)!

How many devices does SpeakerBlast support?
SpeakerBlast can theoretically support an unlimited amount of devices and to date our biggest SpeakerBlast was 100 devices blasting Beethoven's 5th Symphony at The DC Tech Meetup.

Does SpeakerBlast work outside the U.S.?
All of our testing was done in the US, but there are dozens of countries that offer similar Wifi & 4G (LTE) Internet connections and speeds comparable to the US. We are interested in hearing your experiences good or bad, so we can tweak the service accordingly.

Do all devices need to be connected to the same network?
No, devices can be connected to different networks. For example, Device "A," can be connected to a 4G LTE network while device, "B," can be connected to a home Wifi network. All devices though need to be connected to an Internet connection with a download speed of at least 5Mbps or higher (modern 4G LTE & Wifi connections should suffice depending on your location).

Do you have an iPhone or Android app to download?
SpeakerBlast is a web app that requires no download. We feel not having to download an app, rather just going to a URL to join in on the fun is best!

Do you support playlists?
SpeakerBlast does have a full web player available for our most coveted & trusted clients. You can see our full app demo here.

If interested in learning more about our web player, please email ryan(at)speakerblast.com to learn more & start a business discussion.